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We welcome and are committed to solving everyday challenges to bring you the most innovative product on the market. We continuously look for ways to improve our product all while maintaining high quality. 

Our team acts with the utmost respect for one another, towards our clients and community. Being trustworthy and sincere has led us to positive feedback from clients and referrals. 

We invest time and the resources necessary to ensure our customers receive high-quality products.

We are committed to excellent customer service, every time. Our customers are the reason for our existence.


Customer Satisfaction



Continuous Improvement


Who We Are...

Sentry GSI provides the best protection solutions for all oil-filled equipment. Whether you have an old or a new transformer, it can benefit from Sentry’s fast depressurization system. Our engineering team will work closely with you to ensure that your Sentry solution is designed to meet and exceed the environmental, building, and spatial standards demanded by each of your project sites. You’ll find that our system's design is affordable, reliable, and virtually maintenance-free. We strive for complete customer satisfaction, in product and service.

Our Mission...

Providing the most innovative, proactive, reliable, and effective transformer explosion and fire prevention system on the market today. We are determined to address the most critical industry challenges by protecting the grid as well as preventing potential loss of life and injury. We achieve these goals by creating and providing the world with fast depressurization technology that is smarter and more effective than any other. In doing so, Sentry is quickly becoming the industry leader in fast depressurization systems while creating a safer power industry for countless generations to come.

We are committed to...

  • Offering the fastest, most reliable, and affordable system on the market

  • Preventing potential loss of life, injury, downtime, lost revenue, replacement of equipment, EPA fines, and clean up

  • Protecting your greatest assets and power grid

  • Addressing the most critical industry challenges

  • Building a safer worldwide power industry

  • Providing our customers with exceptional service

Core values

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